Encounter God meaningfully through a personal relationship with Jesus, transforming our lives from the inside out.

Sunday Services

10:00 am Family Service

6.00 pm Evening Prayer Meetings 

6.00 pm (Once a month) Encounter Worship Service

Sunday Morning

Our weekly Family Service is at 10 am, Sunday mornings at Church in Ashburton Town Centre. Kids are with us at the start of the service and then go to Kids Church. Join us here to listen to the service online.

Evening Prayer Meetings

Weekly prayer meetings are held in the church auditorium at 6:00pm on Sunday evenings.

Encounter Worship Service

Once a month we have an encounter worship service where we spend time seeking God through worship, prayer and invite the Holy Spirit to move.


On the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, we have Communion during our Sunday service. We share bread and grape juice symbolising the body and blood of Jesus, acknowledging that Jesus died on the Cross to forgive us.

Children are more than welcome to participate in this very special and significant service, at their parents’ discretion. 

Prayer Team

Look out for our trained ministry Prayer Team at our services who are easily identified by their name badges. They welcome all requests to pray for anyone who would like prayer.

Kids On Sundays

Parent's Room - The Oasis Room

We welcome all caregivers to the Parent’s room at the back of the main auditorium. This dedicated space is for caregivers and parents and their babies and toddlers, up to 12 months of age.  This relaxed zone allows parents to be part of the service while taking care of their little ones without the worry and stress of disruptions. The service can be followed with a streamed audio.

ABC kids

1-4 Year Group

Our ABCkids 1-4 year group meets at every service upstairs. The group is run by a group of parent volunteers and helpers. We offer a space for kids to play and engage with each other, followed by story-time and morning tea. Parents are welcome to leave their children with us and return to the service. Alternatively they are most welcome to remain with their kids in the group if they need a little encouragement to settle.

ABC kids

Ages 5-12 Years

ABCkids is about encountering Jesus through Faith, Friends and Fun. We offer a fantastic program that allows kids to have fun while growing in their faith. The kids start off in the main service with their families to get settled and are then called out via a notice on the main screen.

Kids Church meets upstairs at the back of the auditorium. We have dedicated parent volunteers and helpers that run the programs.  

Once a term, ABCkids run the Family Service on a Sunday which is always an exciting opportunity for the kids to be involved in the life of the Church.

During the school holidays, all children stay with the adults in the main service. We provide activity packs which are made up for them. 

We respect and support any parents who prefer that their children remain with them for all or part of the service.

Impact Youth

7-13 Year Group

This group is for intermediate and secondary school youth who are invited to participate in the life of the Church through serving on the Sunday Service teams. We encourage them to play an instrument, sing in the Worship Team and help with the family service once a term. Impact Youth also has a weekly Bible study session on a Tuesday evening from 6:30 pm during the school term.