Church Community

Small Groups

We believe there is no better place to really get to know people and experience community than in small groups.

We have a good variety of small groups here at ABC to choose from: we have weekly groups, fortnightly groups, ladies groups, men’s groups, youth groups, and mixed groups! Of course each of these groups has its own flavour and we encourage you to look around until you find one you fit with.

Click here for a List of Current Small Groups/Home Groups or for more information please contact the church office.


Monday, Thursday, Friday 7am.
Sunday 9.30am

All prayer is in the church creche.

Sunday evening "House of Prayer" in the auditorium at 6.00pm.

GAP (Grandparents at Prayer) is held on Tuesday evenings between 6.30 and 8.30pm. Specific prayer focusing on our grandchildren. Casual come and go as you are able to, grab a cuppa, bring photos, share stories and pray for them. Contact the church office for more details.

Men’s Ministry

The men's ministry here at ABC is alive and well. We have two weekly men's study groups. We have men's dinners, men's camps and we go on mass each year to PK (Promise keepers).

The men’s ministry team are happy to visit and encourage men if required.

Woman’s Ministry

Real women living real lives-Learning what REAL is, in a world that isn't. Our goal and aim is to encourage women to be and do the best they can in the world they live in. Our ministry goal is to encourage, equip and support women in every area of their life. We long to see them thrive in their relationships - with God, family, and friends. We are helping them become woman of influence in their workplace and community. We enjoy regular get togethers - making lifelong friendships and sharing in the joys and sorrows life brings.

Some events we have are:

  • Women’s camps (with great music, speakers and fab food).
  • Day retreats with great teaching, fellowship and food.
  • Girls night out at movies, or topical DVD's and food.
  • Social events involving makeup, jewellery, clothes, baking/cooking and other girlie stuff.
  • We look at topics ranging from our personal journeys - with God, in marriage, parenting, using our gifts and talents. By the way - did we mention you are always guaranteed great coffee and food!!

Young Adults - 18-30+ years old

We have a 18-30’s homegroup running fortnightly on Thursday's at Brendan and Amy Abernethy's house. It's a time to worship, study the Bible and have a good time. To find out more ring Brendan on 02041418307.


If you would like to find out more about how to become a member of Ashburton Baptist Church, please call the office and one of our pastors would love to meet with you.